What love can do

I stand tall Proud and put together I play the part But you, You do that thing that entrances me so Our lips meet Suddenly I'm kneeling Sobbing and powerless 

Lost Time

Time flies by alright but differently than the expression implies. It ascends out of reach, similar to losing your grip on a balloon and watching it climb into the sky. You know its useless, but you struggle trying to regain what’s lost. But it’s gone, and so it your breath. You try to inhale air... Continue Reading →

Blind Eyes

  I leap through this life with my eyes wired shut As though I never had sight in the first place But then his eyes met mine And for the first time I saw vibrant blues and greens My life, now full of pink sunsets and indigo nights  

We Want More

The buds bloom at nightfall, peacefully wild The vines crawl, climbing to the dark sky I open my eyes, My irises burning for more I stretch out my arms I inhale the crisp air I scream into the void I am echoed by the creatures of the night I can hear them crying, Crying for... Continue Reading →


I cry into darkness, My echo returns. Alone. I crawl to the door, There is no handle. Fear. I search the abyss with closed eyes, I find nothing. Disappointment. I scream for an answer, I hear no one. Dread. And finally I give up, No one saves me. Death.

She's got pep in her step A freshness to her feet She walks with sprouts between her toes She leaves a trail of petals in her wake But she is blind to the impact made Her core feels empty, a void of uselessness If only she knew of the floral fields that grew behind her

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